Friday, December 18, 2009

A New Road to Take

It has been quite a while since I updated this. Several things have happened.

*I no longer do 'paid to click' sites. They simply are not worth my time. Too many of them are not legitimate. So you wont even get anything for it in the end!

*I am still doing InboxDollars and SendEarnings. I havent gotten anything from either of them recently. But I am getting closer. I trust those two, so when I have finally clicked on enough emails, I will be getting checks in the mail.

* I am still doing Mypoints as well. Im not sure that I talked about this one at all. You earn points for reading emails, taking surveys, shopping, things like that. Then you can redeem the points for various gift cards. I am almost to getting my first gift card. It has been easy - and I cant wait!

* I just joined Pinecone research. I havent done anything with them. But I know that they are legit because a good friend is involved. I will be looking forward to getting checks from there as well - even if it is only $6 or so a month. It is still something!

*I know that I meant to talk about my trivets, but Idont think I ever got around to it. My sister and I have tried doing two different craft shows now. Neither one went very well. We havent given up all hope on selling the things that we have, but we have realized that people want things that are cheap - they dont want to pay for quality. So making much money off of a craft fair is unrealistic.

* Jim and I talk constantly about the future. What our plans are, what our goals are. We want to have kids. But we have always agreed that we want to raise our own children and still have a comfortable life. I plan on going to pharmacy school starting next fall. It is a 4 year program. So our original time line of things like kids will change, but it will be worth it when I make enough money that Jim doesnt have to work.

* In short, my dreams and goals havent changed much. But my approach to them has changed. It is hard work and takes a lot of time for very little pay to do anything on the internet. I like having steady income, knowing that my bills are paid. I will continue a few things - because I enjoy them and they dont take much of my time. I will also continue with Google Adsense because it is passive. I am only doing the things I would be doing anyway.

I am not at all disappointed with the things that I tried. I now know what I need to do. For me. We are still a work in progress. But the progress is in the right direction and that is enough for me.

Dont be surprised if there arent any further updates to this blog. I will, however, keep it up just in case anyone is curious about any of the things I have listed.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me - either with ideas or feedback - it has been very helpful to me in coming to where I am now.