Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Failure: Paidmailz

The last few days I have really been working on beefing up my PTC sites. I know that they all take a while to earn anything on. I figure if I keep clicking on all of them, I might get a decent sum one of these months!

I am always getting the names of different sites from various people. Unfortunately, I dont always know these people so I just have to have blind trust. That has officially bitten me in the butt for the first time!

Yesterday, I signed up for Paidmailz. Almost immediately after, the computer started acting goofy. There was an 'antivirus software' that it kept trying to get me to download. I couldnt close that 'trial' program. Before long, there was a huge warning replacing the picture on the desktop. Not long after, I couldnt do anything with the computer!

(Thankfully it is not my home computer. It will be fixed and everything will be ok.)

This is my warning: Dont go to the paidmailz website! (I wont link it so that you dont accidently click on it.) Im dont know anything else about it. I dont know if others have had this problem or not. Im not willing to risk it again when there are so many other good options out there!

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