Monday, June 1, 2009

MyLot Payout

The month of May is officially over. My total earnings for May totalled $56.72. I should be paid by the 15th of June!

Even more exciting is that I already have $16 in earnings for the month of June! The tasks are really paying out!

I can really forsee myLot paying me close to $100 each month. It takes a little bit of effort. Not too bad from the comfort of my own couch though!

Jim has made an agreement with me. We will both come up with half of the money towards the new camera we want. It shouldnt take me long at this rate on myLot! That may not help me in my desire be pay off debt before we have kids. But it will definitely make us both happy. I am doing far better than I ever dreamed on myLot so I think it is worth the camera reward!

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