Friday, June 5, 2009

Not Always About the Money

If there is one thing that I have learned in my life while trying to be frugal: It isnt always about the money! The money doesnt have to be the end result of everything. The cheapest price isnt always the right choice. So I have taken that and applied it to my online endeavors.

I continue my blog on Xanga, even though it isnt making a lot of money for me. I have developed some amazing friends on there. I wouldnt give them up for anything! They bring me things that money cant.

Another great thing that I have discovered about the internet is you dont have to do anything without being rewarded! How many web searches does the average person do each day or each week? I know that I do far less than most people, and I still tend to do at least one per day!

A few months ago, I was informed about a new (to me) search engine. It is called Swagbucks. You go there to do your searches just like you would use any other search engine. The only difference is that they sometimes give you a 'swagbuck' or two.

The swagbucks can then be used to get various prizes. You can get books and electronics. Trading cards or video games. There is even a program to get airline miles for your frequent flyer program. Right now they are running a special on the $5 Amazon gift card - only 45 swagbucks. That way you can get anything you want!

I am saving up to get some Xbox live points for Jim. He uses them to download add-ons to different games. This is something that we use anyway - and normally pay for. Why not get them for free?

I will admit that this is not the best search engine out there. I would say that 95% of the time I get what I am looking for. Occasionally, I have to head over to Google.

So far, Jim and I have accumulated 92 swagbucks for doing the things we would normally be doing anyway! So we will ultimately save money just by doing the same things. Cant get much better than that!

Search & Win

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