Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Asking for Help and Joining MyLot

I had finally started. I had more than one thing going. I was all amped up and ready to do more. But I didnt know what! So I finally got smart... and asked for help!

One of the blogs I follow on xanga is a girl named Jess. (Great blog. Fun person. Go check her out!) She is a mom of 3 kids. She is not currently married. She is able to stay home with her kids, though! I knew that she was earning money online to help support herself and her children. I just didnt know how she was doing it. So I asked her. She gave me a couple of different ideas. The one that seemed the easies to start out with is the one I went for first.

I signed up at a site called myLot. I had no idea what it was all about or exactly how it worked. Jess had told me that you get paid to start discussions and contribute to others discussions. It doesnt have to be anything fancy or even exciting. That is exactly what I found!

There are over 170,000 members. There are literally hundreds of new discussions started everyday in all kinds of categories!

The first day I signed up, I started looking around and trying to figure it out. I contributed to several discussions. I still wasnt totally sure about everything, but it seemed easy. The next day I learned that I had earned $0.25. Not a lot of money, but still something! It was far more than I was earning with Adsense!

I quickly learned a few things that would help my earnings on myLot.
*Give thorough responses to discussions. The better your response, the more likely you are to get paid and get paid well. There is no guarantee for getting paid just because you typed something. So make it worth your time!
*Become familiar with the guidelines. You wont earn anything for responses to posts that are in violation. If you start a discussion that is in violation of the guidelines, it will get deleted and you wont earn anything. There are often discussions in violation of the guidelines - usually advertising or posting earnings from myLot.
*The rating system is your friend. If you give good answers, you are far more likely to get positive ratings. The rating system goes from 1 to 10. The higher you are rated, the more money you will make.

I also learned something else very quickly. You will not get rich by posting on this site! I think the most I earned in a day was just over $2. I spent a lot of time on myLot that day.

After a couple of weeks, I finally discovered 'tasks'. I had seen the tab on the page and had checked it out. But there was never anything there. Through several discussions, I learned more about them. I still dont know everything there is to know, but I dont think I ever will!

The tasks are a variety of things that someone asks you to do. They pay a set amount of money.

I have seen tasks asking for something to be posted on Craigs List. (I am not sure of all of the CL regulations, so I stay away from that!)

I have seen tasks that ask you to write several paragraphs about keywords. I completed one of those. The keywords were things about Norwegian Cruises. The whole thing took me about 10 minutes. I earned $2.

The majority of the tasks that I have completed are doing a search on either google or yahoo. You then check the links. If they meet the requirements (which are simple), you copy the link. Then find an email for the link. I have done over 40 of these tasks. They usually take somewhere between 1-5 minutes, depending on how many of the links meet the requirements. Each of those tasks paid me $0.20.

Tasks is really a much better way to earn money on myLot. $0.20 isnt much for 5 minutes of your time. But that payout is much better than what you could earn in the same amount of time posting to discussions!

The minimum payout for myLot is $10. They pay once each month to a paypal account. This is my first month on myLot, so I have not yet gotten paid. As of this posting, I have almost $30. It is easy and generally enjoyable. I see myself sticking around myLot for quite a while.

One of the best things about myLot is you can spend as much or as little time as you have each day! This was definitely a good way to start out. Check it out for yourself!

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