Friday, May 29, 2009

PTC: Hits4Pay

As I mentioned before, my PTC search began with Hits4Pay.

So far, I think this is probably my favorite of the PTC sites. There are so many things that just make it seem more likely to be legitimate than the other PTC's I have come across.

The minimum cashout for this site is $25. So they wont let you come click on 10 ads and then take your money. This makes it seem more legitimate because they get to hold onto the money so much longer! Some people will never reach the $25 mark, so they will never have to be paid. For others, it will take quite a while to reach the payout. That means the owners of the site get to hold onto the money and earn interest on it. Less than $25 wont earn much interest. However, if 1000 people(or more!) all have less than $25, it begins to make a bit of a difference.

The nice part, though, is that you get a $10 sign up bonus. So you really only have to earn $15 from clicking ads before you get your first payment. This doesnt sound fishy at all to me. In fact, it is a great marketing scheme. Lure people in with a $10 bonus. They will click on ads for a little while and then never come back. The site earns the money from those clicks and never has to pay it out!

I have noticed that the number of ads varies from day to day. The most ads I have gotten in 1 day was 12. The least I have gotten was 5. At $0.02 per ad, that is a minimum of $0.10 per day. At that rate, it will take a while to get to a payout. But I think that it will actually pay when you get there!

In order to get credit for each of the ads, you have to stay on the page for at least 60 seconds. This is not a problem at all! I usually surf these ads while I am doing other things. I will glance through the ad and then switch to a different window to type an email or check on some blogs. When I think of it again, I switch back to the ad. The yellow box at the top of the page has usually appeared. I click on it and am credited my $0.02! So even though this can take several minutes, you can still multi-task and do it.

As with all of the PTC sites, one of the best ways to increase your earnings quickly is to get other people to join the site also! At Hits4Pay, you earn $0.01 for every ad clicked by someone you refer. You earn the same amount for all of the people they refer as well! So you can earn for first level and second level referrals.

Have 2 friends that want to sign up? Make it the most beneficial for all of you. Have one friend sign up under you. Have the second friend sign up under the first friend. That way everyone earns a little more!

I dont think that I will ever cashout often from this site. But I like that it seems so reliable - and I do know someone else who has been paid by it. For only a little bit of effort and time, I will take the extra money! What would you do with an extra $25?

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