Thursday, May 28, 2009

My First Payment!

I really wasnt expecting this at all!

I signed up with a PTC site called BlastBux. I am not even sure how I first came across it. I signed up. I clicked. It asked if I wanted to cashout my first day's earnings. I said yes.

That was yesterday. This afternoon I got an email from paypal saying that I had received the payment! If I knew how to do a screen capture to show you, I would! The details are $0.16 received after only 1 day!

I dont know a lot about BlastBux yet, as I havent had much of a chance to really explore it. Here are the details I do know:

*For each ad you click, you earn $0.02.
*There is no minimum for your first cashout. That is how I cashed out at $.016
*My next cashout minimum is $3.
*For every person you refer, you earn $0.015.

The most important detail though is that they have paid me for only a couple of minutes of my time.

Go check it out. You can get your first payment in no time as well!

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