Thursday, May 28, 2009

What the heck is a PTC!?!

I hadnt been on myLot long when I started seeing three letters all over the place - PTC. It seemed like everyone else was a part of something I knew nothing about!

I quickly learned that 'PTC' meant Paid To Click. There are sites out there that are offering you money just to click on some ads! Surfing through the internet, you have to look at ads constantly. Why not get paid for it?

I saw about a million different names for sites. I didnt know where to start! I finally came across a discussion about a specific PTC site. I asked the original poster a question - and she actually responded! I began asking her several questions about the different sites and what it was all about.

She first referred me to Hits4Pay. She said it was one of the best ones for her. It is not a scam - because there are many out there that will never pay! It also pays higher than some of the other sites out there. I signed up, but I had a lot more learning to do!

After looking at many, many PTC sites there were a few things that made spotting the scams easy.

There are some sites that are promising as much as $10 for each click of an ad! There is no advertiser that would ever pay enough money for each person to get paid $10 just for looking at an ad. It just wont happen!

There are some sites that pay literally fractions of a penny for each click. There are other sites that pay up to $0.02 for each click. I have not yet found a legitimate site that pays more than that.

The PTC's are free to join. I have not come across any that will charge you for your membership. I would never join one that did!

Most of the sites have more than one level of membership. For the free membership, you will get some ads and earn some money. For the upgraded membership, you are usually promised more ads and more money. (I have not yet upgraded any memberships.)

One of the ways to make more money on the PTC's is to have referrals. Get your friends and family to sign up. When they click ads, they earn money and so do you! The amount you earn on referrals varies from site to site. There are also some sites that limit the number of referrals you can have.

Since most people are looking for referrals to make more money on the PTC's, many of the sites will allow you to rent them. For a small charge each month (which can come directly from your earnings, so there is no money out of pocket), you can have a referral for the month. You will earn based on their activity. I havent yet tried this. If the referrals are active, it can be a great way to increase your earnings. I am somewhat hesitant to take a risk with the earnings, though.

One of the things I like so far about the PTC's is that there is a limited amount of time you can spend on them each day. Once you have clicked the ads, there is nothing left to do! That is good for me because I can waste hours and hours on the internet!

I will be posting about each site seperately and give my thoughts. So look for those to come! (Or if this has been posted for a while, click on the 'PTC' tag to check out what I have written!)

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